Online Live Class
Online Live Class
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English, Malayalam, Hindi
Yogasiromani Deepak Puliyolli

There will be (a) Group classes and (b) Individual classes. You can select any of these or both. There are two levels offered - Beginner and Intermediate. We will hold 2 to 4 sessions in a month. For individual sessions, please contact us for availability of slot. We shall use Google Meet/Zoom or such other platforms. Allocation of slot shall be subject to availability and first come, first served basis. One class = 30 Minutes.

Actual Price 800/class
Special Price 500/class

Actual Price 500/class
Special Price 300/class

How to use

After successful subscription, this course shall be added to your account. Please contact us by e-mail or phone to get the class schedule and time. You can attend live class on your laptop or mobile devise after login on to the platform that we use. You need strong, high-speed internet connectivity to attend the class uninterrupted. If there is interruption from our side, class will be substituted. Under other circumstances, classes once scheduled shall not be substituted or refunded. Validity: Up to 2 classes - 30 days, 3 to 4 classes - 60 days.